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Wheel & Barrow Landscape creates landscape designs that allow you to maximize your outdoor living space. Our collaborative landscape design process enables us to connect the dots-between your dreams and your budget.


Whether it is one of a kind outdoor rooms for backyard entertaining or quiet retreats amongst the birds, bees, and blossoms, Wheel & Barrow Landscape can make your garden dreams a reality.


Wheel & Barrow Landscape is based out of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and services the Sheboygan County area. Read more about the Wheel & Barrow Landscape Design process. 



In addition to award winning landscape design services, Wheel & Barrow Landscape provides fine gardening and landscape maintenance services as well as garden and landscape installation. Providing detailed maintenance to keep your gardens looking their best and retaining the investment made in your outdoor space. 


The focus of our garden installation services is driven by our design relationship with our clients. We excel at preparing and installing planting beds that consist of groundcovers, annuals, perennials, ornamental grass, and specimen trees and shrubs.


Read more about our garden and landscape installation services. 


Back where it all began! After departing over 17 years ago, Patrick Hughes and Wheel & Barrow Landscape return to the Sheboygan County area. Patrick is an award winning landscape designer whose work is known for creativity and colorful statements. He will be working out of Elkhart Lake and servicing Sheboygan County and Southeastern Wisconsin. Click here to learn more about Patrick Hughes and Wheel & Barrow Landscape.

Best of Landscaping Portland Oregon
Best of Landscaping Portland Oregon
Best of Landscaping Portland Oregon
Best of Landscaping Portland Oregon
~ Gold Medal Winner ~ 2015 Portland Home & Garden Show
Best of Landscaping Portland Oregon
"How lucky am I to be the benefactor of your gardening genius..."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I could say it 1000 times and feel it wouldn’t be too many. How lucky am I to be the benefactor of your gardening genius and desire to get “every little thing just exactly the way I wanted it?”


"Every day when I walk through my garden I think of you and how determined you were for me to have my dream become a reality no matter what came along."


"Your suggestions were always with my interests at heart and with the deepest sincerity and concern for the end result."


"I have referred you to many of my friends already and would not hesitate to continue to do so. Your work is of the highest quality. Your obvious love for creating the unique us truly evident."


Mary, Wheel & Barrow Landscape Client

- Plymouth, Wisconsin


Patrick was perfect. He listened, he was responsive and he executed in a timely manner. I would/will use him again. It's apparent that Patrick has a relationship with each plant that he uses in design. He has the ability to see the entire concept from both a detailed view and a bird's eye view.


Wheel & Barrow Design Client

-Portland, Oregon


Wheel & Barrow

Landscape Design & Maintenance

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin


5 minutes of weeding a day will not only keep the weeds away, but is an excellent way to relieve stress! 


Wheel and Barrow Landscaping Portland Oregon
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