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Sustainable Design

It would seem almost contradictory to be in the garden and landscape business and not be considerate of the environment. Wheel & Barrow Landscape strives to do things the right way. We aim to use creativity and imagination to tread lightly on the world around us. In our designs we look for ways to conserve water and keep rain fall out of storm drains. We also seek opportunities to reuse or repurpose wood and other materials and incorporate native plants into our designs.

Perennial Design

Perennials are the glue that brings the garden together for Wheel & Barrow Landscape. Allowing for seasonal interest and color, perennials are what put the pop in our designs. Whether planted in complimentary layers and using long drafts of plants to make a visual statement, or a unique specimen variety carefully placed, perennials can make your landscape remarkable.  

Patrick brought his expertise about landscape design and plants and turned the yard into a garden. The professional approach and method he used to review the spaces, select plants and place them was exactly what we needed.


The garden continues to impress as we move from spring to summer, with different flowers coming into bloom and tall grass that add color and texture I could not be more pleased with Patrick's work and can highly recommend him for any project - large or small (ours was rather large).

Wheel & Barrow Landscape Client

- SW Hills, Portland, Oregon


Wheel & Barrow

Landscape Design & Maintenance

Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin


5 minutes of weeding a day will not only keep the weeds away, but is an excellent way to relieve stress! 


Wheel and Barrow Landscaping Portland Oregon
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Sea Holly

Sea Holly always stunning and adds interest from early summer until fall.