• Patrick Hughes

Fall Clean Up

Fall cleanup, those are not necessarily two words that bring joy and enthusiasm to the hearts of many. If you are a gardener it means putting your beloved gardens to bed for the winter. If you are not a gardener, fall cleanup equates to a chore that you must squeeze in between doing the things you’d rather be doing. Whatever your situation, the fall cleanup of your landscape is a job that needs to be done.

The gardener knows that fall cleanup, despite the fact that it signals an end to the growing and blooming season, will save work in the spring and prepare the landscape and gardens for a prosperous gardening season beginning next year. The fall cleanup is also an excellent time to evaluate the gardens. If there are plants that are underperforming, fall is a great time to make moves in the garden, reposition perennials, small trees and shrubs to flourish next summer.

Fall cleanup can include cutting back and fertilizing perennials, trees and shrubs. And of course fall is a good time of year to prune. You don’t want to forget the turf; fall is a perfect time to feed it with a slow release organic fertilizer so it can soak up nutrients all winter long. And last but not least, the obvious, leaf cleanup and removal.

Shorter days, longer nights and cooler temperature will prompt the leaves to change color and ultimately drop to the ground. It is important to remove the leaves from the lawn soon after they fall. Turf needs air and light to grow and thrive and the fall leaf drop can suffocate the lawn and create unhealthy conditions. It is also important to get leaves out of nooks and crannies in the yard as they can create refuge for rodents and other creatures you would rather not have taking up residence on your property.

In addition to cleaning up, cutting back, and fertilizing, fall cleanup can include mulching planting beds, trees and shrubs to protect them from the winter cold.

A well done fall cleanup will make your home look neat, tidy and provide that sharp curb appeal everyone wants their home to have. It will save some work in the spring and leave your lawn and gardens healthy and happy.

Allow Wheel & Barrow Landscape Design & Maintenance to handle your fall cleanup. We will haul away the debris and save you time so you can enjoy your favorite autumn activities. Contact us today for a free estimate. Let’s make you the envy of all your neighbors!


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