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Does Landscape Add Value to Your Home

How does a well-designed and maintained landscape affect the value of your home from a real estate perspective? One thing that is consistent amongst homeowners is when making updates to our home we are always mindful of the bottom line. To gain some perspective on how a well-designed and maintained landscape translates to the real estate world I sat down with Tatiana Xenelis of the Stepping Stone Group of Oregon First.

Tatiana has been practicing real estate since 2007 and specializes in servicing the North Portland Peninsula. She has a unique background; she transitioned into real estate from a career in social work. This transition was partly facilitated by an opportunity she had while working with the Housing Authority of Portland.

Beginning in 2007 Tatiana and a colleague were tasked with selling a portfolio of 160 rental properties for the Housing Authority. In three years working as an exclusive listing agent, Tatiana managed 120 transactions, 35-40 per year. In 2011 Tatiana left the Housing Authority to pursue a real estate career. As she believes real estate allows her to engage her passion for working to assist the development of communities over time. Along with helping people meet their goals, buying or selling a home and doing so with a transaction that goes smooth.

Speaking from her experience Tatiana said it is hard to put a dollar figure behind a well-designed and maintained landscape. But the landscape is something that can make or break a sale. The “Curb Appeal” of the home, how the home presents itself to the potential buyer from the street, can be the first impression. Tatiana said, “Does the house present itself well enough so that someone (a potential buyer) is intrigued to stop, get out of their car and go inside the house?” Because if they drive on by then the odds of a sale decrease considerably.

Another perspective Tatiana shared with me was that once you place your home on the market, you list it; the home that you created so many memories in is now a product. And like all products on the market it needs to look top notch.

Because potential buyers view the landscape before ever stepping inside, the design and maintenance of the gardens and landscape makes a statement about how the home may have been cared for. A well maintained landscape signals to the potential buyer that the home was looked after.

If your landscape needs the proverbial “Spruce Up” before going on the market, or simply so you can enjoy your own curb appeal give some consideration to the following. Prune trees and shrubs in a manner that keeps them from growing against the home and keeps a line of sight to the front door and off of the drive and walkway. Regular maintenance, weekly or monthly will help keep weeds from over taking gardens. Define a clean edge where the turf meets the planting beds. Update the mulch, not only does it keep weeds in check, it helps to keep plants moist and makes the landscape look better almost instantly. And last, container gardens add a nice color pop to a front entrance.

If you are think­ing of buy­ing or sell­ing a home, con­tact Tatiana Xenelis. She can help you meet your real estate goals. Allow Wheel & Bar­row Land­scape Design & Main­te­nance to assist you with your land­scape and gar­den needs. Let’s make you the envy of all your neighbors.


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