• Patrick Hughes

Fall is a Great Time To Plant

Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs and perennials. I know that seems a little counter intuitive, typically autumn seems like the time for fall cleanup, but it’s true. Planting in the fall sets your landscape and gardens up for success the following spring.

As a species we are creatures of habit and somewhere along the way we got into the habit of gardening and planting things in the landscape in the spring. I get it, many plants are blooming in the spring, it’s a season of renewal, and we are awakening from our winter dormancy. And part of the cycle is the instinct to go to the nursery buy a plant or many plants and put them in the ground. Because after all that is what we do in the spring.

In the fall however, our landscape and gardens behave in quite the opposite manner than they do in the spring. No more blooms, perennials are turning brown, vegetables have all been but picked and the leaves from the maples are dotting the landscape with ribbons of color. With winter looming the plant world seems to be coming to an end, at least for a while.

It is true; the garden and plant world goes dormant, for the most part, during the fall and winter months. But the patient one, the person who can plant a perennial, tree or shrub with the understanding that there will be no instant gratification, is the gardener that will reap the rewards of healthy and more established plants in the spring.

A plant needs time to adjust to its new surroundings and to get over the shock of being removed from its former home. By planting in the fall a plant has milder temperatures to contend with and often moderate amounts of rain to soothe the initial root growth. Conversely during the spring a young plant needs to adapt to the extremes of summer heat and often far less rain water.

Flowering plants put in the ground in the fall will have time to become established and in doing so will have a more robust flowering than a spring planted perennial, shrub or tree. Much the same can be said for non-flowering plants. If planted in the fall they will have a better flush of their leaves the following spring.

So if you never quite got to that landscape or garden project this past spring or summer, all is not lost. Do your planting in the fall and get a leg up on next spring.Contact Wheel & Barrow Landscape for assistance with your landscape design and maintenance needs. We take pride in personal service, an artist’s creativity and a gardener’s attention to detail. Let’s make you the envy of all your neighbors!


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