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ANLD Winter Workshop — Landscape Drainage & Water Feature Design

One of my goals for Wheel & Barrow Landscape for 2014 was to become better connected within the landscape and garden industry. I believe this will enable my business to be more resourceful and more importantly assist me in creating my “Team of Experts.” Not to mention being a small business can be lonely, establishing a collection of peers makes this gig a bit more fun.

A first step towards checking this goal off my list was to join the Association of Northwest Landscape Designers (ANLD). I am excited about the prospects of membership to this association. At first glance the members I have met are friendly and the organization seems to be geared towards education and information sharing.

This past Saturday I attended the ANLD ‘s “Winter Workshop.” It was all day affair held at Portland Community College’s Rock Creek Campus in which ANLD partnered with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) to put on the event. The title of the workshop was, “Come {Hell} or High Water, Heavenly Design Solutions for Drought & Deluge.” Dealing with water issues in the landscape was not only an interesting topic, but an appropriate one for gardening and landscape in the Northwest.

There were a number of qualified speakers with years of experience. David Sandrock of Watershed Landcare LLC gave a thorough and comprehensive two part presentation he called “A Common Sense Guide to Drier Ankles.” In his talk David spoke at length about drainage, covering surface and subsurface drainage requirements, troubleshooting and solutions.

Also presenting was Amy Whitworth of Plan-it Earth Design. Amy shared her experience of working with drainage or soggy soil issues. Her talk was especially interesting because when it comes to drainage issues there are seldom one size fits all solutions. To hear someone else speak about what they have come across and how they rectified the situation was interesting and beneficial.

Another presenter of note was a gentleman that I have heard about for years. His name is Eamonn Hughes. His talk was fascinating and his work is awe inspiring. He specializes in waterfalls and water features and his ability to transition a site from a blank slate to a water feature that looks like it has always been there and very natural is amazing.

In addition to the fore mentioned presenters there was a panel of individuals representing various government and environmental agencies discussing the steps their organizations are taking to manage storm water and other water related issues.

It was a good workshop and I am glad I was able to attend. Some material was a refresher and other topics were brand new. But most important was that it served as an opportunity to make some new connections within the landscape and garden industry.


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