• Patrick Hughes

Interesting Discoveries in the Phoenix Arizona Landscape

As a landscape designer I am always on the look for interesting plants or features in the garden and landscape. Naturally one of my favorite things to do when traveling is to photograph the unique finds along the way. Many of these photos I post to the Wheel & Barrow Landscape Facebook and Instragram pages where we share other garden and landscape related photos.

Recently my wife, Erin, and I spent a little over a week in the Phoenix area taking in Spring Training Baseball games, road tripping, running a dessert trail half marathon, and our first canyoneering trip.

Just as canyoneering was a first for us we also used the travel service Airbnb as newbies. We reserved and stayed in a shipping container converted into a living space in the Roosevelt Neighborhood of Phoenix. The Roosevelt Neighborhood is reminiscent of Portland’s Alberta Street neighborhood as it blossomed.

We enjoyed both the natural and manmade landscape Phoenix and Arizona had to offer. As we found it lively, crisp and inspiring. We thought we would share a few of our favorite photos from the trip.

Our first Saturday in Phoenix we had breakfast at a place called Matt’s Big Breakfast. The food was amazing and also like Portland there was a wait. Surrounding the waiting area was a metal screen that caught my eye and a container garden. I found both the container garden and the screening to do a nice job of creating separation from the street. For it enabled the urban environment and those waiting for breakfast to cohesively interact as it blended together like one of Matt’s Scrambles.

Not far from Matt’s I spotted a couple of other container gardens. These were made from concrete and dressed in graffiti style murals.

This blooming Yucca was a showstopper and probably the favorite plant from the trip.

The use of Bougainvillea as both a screen and an art piece was stunning.

Multiple examples of metal being used to create small functional fences or dividers executed with artistry.

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