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Reviews: What Our Clients Say About Our Service

Updated: Mar 18

St Johns Neighborhood Client – houzz review: 5 stars

After finding him on the Houzz website and reading about others' positive experiences, we decided to hire Patrick for our very first landscaping design job - not knowing what at all to expect. We were a little nervous and ready to learn. Our first impression of Patrick was that he is a consummate professional, is sincere about his interactions with his clients, and genuinely loves his work. He was very good at managing our expectations regarding cost and features, and since this was our first landscaping rodeo, we really needed that. We told him our vision for our small back yard was "sanctuary." The result was a design that truly exceeded our expectations, and we fell in love with it. All of the deliverables were delivered according to the schedule he'd laid out in advance. Once we'd received the final/official design, one of the clinchers that helped us to decide to go ahead with the actual project is the fact that Patrick can also handle the project management side of things, which really saved us a lot of time that we didn't have to coordinate with the various contractors working on the yard. Not only is this important from a work synchronization perspective, but it also ensures that the actual designer is checking to make sure the final product remains loyal to the original design and the clients' wishes. And since Patrick has a history of landscaping/design in the Portland metro area, he was able to introduce us to some experienced landscapers and woodworkers - again saving us a lot more time, since we didn't have to find the contractors on our own. The final product will be finished next spring, but we're so happy with the results so far I wanted to post a review. We'll update this with new photos next year. If you're looking for spectacular results with minimum time/hassle required, then Patrick is your guy. My partner and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Irvington Neighborhood Client – houzz review: 5 stars

Patrick approaches his work with professionalism. He puts his heart into it and it shows. He is thorough in communication, creative, and flexible. I am so grateful to have him helping with our garden!

Boise/Elliot Neighborhood Client – houzz review: 5 stars

Patrick was responsive and detailed. We liked his process and felt like he really listened to what we were trying to accomplish. His cost estimating was pretty accurate as well so we're happy now with the install coming in right around budget... and looks awesome!

SW Hills Client – houzz review: 5 stars

I worked with Patrick and Wheel & Barrow on a landscape design project for our house in the SW Hills. The yard is diverse, with areas that get a lot of sun and others are deep in shade. Patrick brought his expertise about landscape design and plants and turned the yard into a garden. The professional approach and method he used to review the spaces, select plants and place them was exactly what we needed. The garden continues to impress as we move from spring to summer, with different flowers coming into bloom and tall grass that add color and texture I could not be more pleased with Patrick's work and can highly recommend him for any project - large or small (ours was rather large).

Vancouver, WA Client - houzz review: 5 stars

Patrick came highly recommended. We needed our front yard totally redesigned. We had a basic idea of what we wanted but didn’t know how to get started. Patrick’s design process helped achieve a beautiful front yard landscape. His listening skills provided clarity and functionality that we hoped to achieve. His knowledge of plants and plant partnerships is outstanding. His step by step plan met all committed deadlines. His work ethic and product quality is excellent. His people skills stood out and helped relieve our anxiety for spending lots of money to have his design implemented. We highly recommend Patrick. We are thrilled with the new landscape. Thank you Patrick

Overlook Neighborhood Client – houzz review: 5 stars

We were considering landscaping our front yard and a friend recommended Patrick. After talking with him a little I decided to go for it. He was very easy to work with. All our questions were answered and the final plans were shaped over a few face-to-face meetings. We love the design and our yard is amazing!

University Park Neighborhood Client - houzz review: 5 stars

We have hired Patrick to redo both our front and back yards. He has done an amazing job! Patrick is also our lawn care professional and keeps everything looking amazing. Patrick takes time to understand exactly what you want. He is easy to work with and honest. You will not be disappointed.

NE Portland Client - houzz review: 5 stars

My husband and I hired Patrick to create a new design for our front yard. In addition to being incredibly professional, he was spot on in being able to capture what we wanted for our outdoor space. We couldn't be happier with the results! Very highly recommend.

Hillsdale Client - houzz Review : 5 Stars

My husband and I hired Patrick to do our landscape plan for our Hillsdale mid-century modern home. Patrick's thoughtfulness and expertise meant we met all of our design goals and came up with a beautiful design as well. We are ecstatic with the result and we can't wait to get it installed!

East Portland Client - houzz Review : 5 Stars

Patrick was perfect. He listened, he was responsive and he executed in a timely manner. I would/will use him again. It's apparent that Patrick has a relationship with each plant that he uses in design. He has the ability to see the entire concept from both a detailed view and a bird's eye view. Patrick was also able to recommend other contractors to help with hardscaping. His referrals have all been quality. I am very impressed.

West Linn Client - houzz Review : 5 Stars

Patrick is an artist, a very professional artist, and we are so pleased. Color, form, and originality? All in play. Patrick is a plant expert. He is well-organized and not afraid to take risks. Our yard is small, but now it feels big, like our big-little earth bound cloud with pretty plants everywhere, a pair of walking paths heading in different directions, each made of something different, and a bridge over a tiny swale. Geez, Patrick. Who do you think we are? I feel like the Little Prince. But we are old, so we should feel like this, I think, when we sit in our back yard.

Portmouth Neighborhood Client - North Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

Patrick was receptive, creative, and diligent in the design of my new garden. We bought a modern style home, and I was at a loss for how to reconcile my love of the cottage garden style I love with the modern architecture. Patrick took my imagination and musings and turned them into something tremendous - a unique and stylist but whimsical and inspiring design that suits me perfectly. He responded quickly to my questions and concerns. I am very pleased with how the garden is filling out in its first year and look forward to watching it grow. I recommend him enthusiastically for anyone who needs someone to translate their nebulous vision into concrete reality.

Irvington Neighborhood Client - NE Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

Patrick was amazing to work with on our new front yard landscape design! Having worked with other landscape designers in the past, I can say with confidence that Patrick's process stands out. He is extremely thoughtful in his consideration of your particular tastes, what problems you're hoping to address, what plants you like/dislike, all of it! At the same time, I loved that he wasn't afraid to propose alternatives to what I was asking for and how he used his vision to show us a better way to accomplish certain goals. Patrick was easy to get ahold of and prompt for our appointments, which I also really appreciated. I trusted Patrick so much that I asked for his recommendations on contractors to implement his design. We hired one of his recommendations and having just completed the project, I am happy to report that our new front yard looks fantastic and the implementation went smoothly! If you need a re-design of your yard, you must hire Patrick!

Rose City Park Neighborhood - NE Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

Phase 1 -- Design!!!! Working with Patrick has been really fun as he helps me imagine what my overgrown blackberry bush backyard could be! So far we have only completed the design work which was a really smooth process -- Patrick paid extremely close attention to my likes and dislikes and what style I wanted for my newly landscaped backyard. We met several times to refine the design until it was exactly what I envisioned. Patrick was very careful to keep my design plan within my budget for overhauling the backyard and helped find several contractors to get started. Patrick did a great job showing me different types of plants and explaining what would grow well and fit within my small backyard space. At the end of the design process I have a beautiful print out of the plan along with a powerpoint file detailing all the planned plants and hardscape!

Kenton Neighborhood Client – North Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

I hired Patrick to design a complete new landscape for our 1925 bungalow. We had tried over the last few years to make it more beautiful all season, but had failed to pick the right plants or take care of them properly. Patrick's process was great- he started by touring the property and learning about our (often conflicting) goals. He took it all in and came back with some very specific recommendations and design ideas a few weeks later.

The way he synthesized our goals and needs was amazing. We wanted something very neat and tidy for the street face, that would look full and interesting in all seasons, but have different highlights, too. We want country garden whimsy meets Asian clean lines. A tough challenge! He put it all together though an came up with a plan that met all those goals.

He helped us execute the plan too, with local contractors for irrigation. He communicated consistently and always did what he said he would do. He was very personal and easy to work with, often meeting with us after work.

Really, I can't say enough about Patrick and the personal service he gave us. We're also really happy with the results! We'll definitely post pictures next summer once everything is established. Looking forward to enjoying the new outdoor space (and the improved home value!).

Sabin Neighborhood Client – NE Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

Recently I found myself looking for some assistance redesigning my small inner Portland yard. I began an online search and invited three designers to discuss my project. After meeting with two designers and having each quote the project (the third was a no-show to the scheduled appointment) Patrick Hughes of Wheel and Barrow Landscape was the clear leader for my project.

Patrick provided a clear quote for his work, outlined the design process and timeline and answered all my initial questions. Patrick asked me to complete a questionnaire to be sure he understood my interests and vision for the finished product. We stepped through three phases of the design. At each phase, he visited my home in person to present a thoughtful slide presentation and draft design. During these visits he wasn’t rushed and was sure to get all my questions answered and implement any changes I suggested. At one point I changed my mind several times about on component of the plan, Patrick did not get frustrated or impatient but pressed ahead to update the plan.

Patrick was very responsive to emails and was careful to be sure I understood his delivery timeline and communicated any changes to that schedule ahead of time. A final design was delivered on-time and at the low end of the quoted price range he provided at the beginning of the project. He put me in touch with an installation contractor he has worked with in the past and has been around to answer questions after the final delivery. He also indicated he was interested in working with the contractor during the installation to be sure the final product closely matched his design.

I really had a fantastic experience with Wheel and Barrow Landscape. Patrick has great customer service skills and is a knowledgeable landscape designer. I would work with him again in the future and would also recommend him to my closest friends.

Hood River, Oregon Client: houzz Review : 5 Stars

My wife and I recently completed a major re-model of our 1950's split-level "rancher" in Hood River, OR. Phase two of the project was to create three unique outdoor areas on our oversized lot. Patrick from Wheel and Barrow was recommended to us and so the work began. Patrick met with us on location and we worked up a "draft". We met again on two occasions to finalize our plans. He helped us along the way with planning, purchasing and planting. His serious yet casual style and demeanor made the process a real pleasure. After a harsh first summer one variety of the trees that we chose didn't make it and we called Patrick for advice. Within 24 hrs he notified us that all of our dying tree' would be warrantied and their replacements were planted last week! We couldn't say more for the work that Wheel & Barrow did. 5 stars aren't enough! Signed: Happy in Hood River

St. Johns Client – North Portland: houzz Review : 5 Stars

Patrick is a wonderful landscape designer and he has a great process for working with clients. He really listened to our needs and put together a plan for our backyard that is functional, elegant and beautiful. We love the way the project worked out and we'd happily work with him again!

St. Johns Client – North Portland: Yelp Review 5 Stars

We have an 8-unit condo association in St Johns. Patrick has done our landscape maintenance for the last 2 years. He is awesome. Our landscape was lacking in proper maintenance so he did a big clean up to start. Now with regular maintenance he keeps the property looking great. We have increased his budget for some major changes over the next couple of years. He is dependable and reliable and does very nice work and is a nice person. Can you ask for anything more?

St. Johns Client – North Portland: Yelp Review 5 Stars

Patrick worked with us to maximize our small backyard. He helped us plan a layout that really activates the space we have with beautiful native plants and shrubs. He's a pro at what he does and there's no way we could have landed with the yard we have without him. We definitely would have spent more money going at it alone through trial/error and ended up with a yard only half as dazzling.

Overlook Neighborhood Client – NE Portland: Yelp Review 5 Stars

I really can't recommend Patrick highly enough. Our front yard was demolished due to a sewer project and we took the opportunity to create something entirely new. We contacted Patrick and are so very happy we did. He spent a great deal of time looking things over, talking with us about what we hoped for, took into consideration our non-green thumbs and some other challenges, and created exactly what we were hoping for. And all for a very reasonable price. The backyard is next!

St. Johns Neighborhood Client – North Portland: Yelp 5 Stars

Patrick is a landscape artist with incredible talents. Unlike fixed media artists, his living work continues to evolve and propagate its beauty the longer it's in the ground. Over the past several years I've learned to completely trust his vision and it has always exceeded my expectations. With his designer's eye for detail and his passion for his working media, he effectively executes landscapes that are tailored to match his clients' lifestyle. Our yard for example, incorporates custom features such as a green roof dog house, a rain garden, garden boxes, an outdoor bar, custom garden art, and ample perennial beds with enough grass for me to lay out in the sun when the weather allows. I would highly recommend Patrick and Wheel & Barrow Landscape for your landscape design and maintenance needs.

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