• Patrick Hughes

Five Essential Fall Landscape Maintenance Tasks

It’s hard to believe, but summer has come and will soon be gone. The blossoms have faded, the produce harvested and with that the fall garden and its chores are just around the corner.

The garden’s pinnacle may have been reached but there is still much to be enjoyed. Below are “Five Essential Garden Maintenance Tasks” to assist you in keeping your gardens and landscape in good order. These tasks will not only help you maximize your garden and landscape for the remainder of this year, but also for the year to come.

Summer Clean Up – Often repeated phrases in the garden lexicon are “Spring Clean Up and Fall Clean Up.” But in reality there is a third, the Summer Cleanup. The Summer Cleanup is essential because less face it, here in the Pacific Northwest; we’re busy in the summer. The summer season is short and there is much fun to be had here in Oregon, or any place in the United States for that matter.

The garden, although appreciated might not always get the attention it deserves or requires. Late summer and early fall is a great time to cut back faded perennial blossoms. Weeding that has been neglected should also get a thorough once over, or twice over if you really were out having a good time this summer. We often think of late fall or early winter as the time to cleanup leaves. But a hot dry summer like we’ve had puts stress on trees and shrubs and many have already dropped leaves and needles. These tasks alone can leave your garden looking much better this coming autumn.

Pruning – Trees and shrubs have been putting out new growth since late winter. Now when the temperatures cool it presents a perfect opportunity to trim and shape your trees and shrubs and put less stress on them while doing so.

Fertilize – Late summer and early fall is a good time to feed your turf and landscape plants. After an active growing season they are hungry for nutrients and they prepare for dormancy in the winter. An organic slow release nitrogen fertilizer such as Milorgonite is a great place to start.

Turf Maintenance – Whether you irrigated or let your turf go brown the fall is an ideal time to fertilize, over seed and possibly thatch or aerate your turf.

Planting – Contrary to popular belief the fall, not spring is the most ideal time to plant. That’s not to say that spring is a bad time to plant. But fall is desirable because the cooler wet weather, but also because fall transitions into a time of consistently wet weather. This allows the newly sowed plants to soak up that moisture and establish their roots long before the hot and dry stresses of the summer months.

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