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Fall - The Time to Plan for Next Summer's Dream Garden and Landscape

One person I don’t like to be is the bearer of bad news. But many times during the Spring I have to be just that. I will meet with clients and potential clients and they will share that they hope to have their new landscape installed by the coming summer. And then I am put in the position to have to relay that the prospects of finding a qualified contractor are not so good.

The schedule for landscape contractors fills quickly in the late winter and early spring. And although summer is an acceptable time to install a landscape, plants respond much better when they are planted in the spring or fall months. To avoid the frustration of not having your landscape installed for use during the summer months, plan ahead.

As the summer of 2017 begins to sunset, now is the time to plan so you can enjoy your gardens and landscape in 2018. By planning and designing your gardens and landscape between the months of September and on the late end February you position yourself to be at the front of the queue for contractors arranging their spring schedules.

There are several reasons why this occurs. From my perspective as a landscape designer I understand that it takes several weeks to work through the landscape design process. A design that is started, even as early as the beginning of March is likely not to be complete until the end of the month, at the earliest. At this point you are in thick competition.

In the United States we are conditioned to think of things seasonally and associate different activities with the season. Spring of course corresponds with the garden. So come March, garden and landscape firms are under a barrage of calls and emails requesting their services. This seasonal influx, coupled with the unpredictability of the weather, which can slow projects down, puts strain on the capacity of firms to service all of the requests in a timely manner, if at all.

Therefore, if your planning and design is done early it allows one the opportunity to get on the schedule of a qualified contractor, but also more importantly to be selective. A landscape design that is completed in the fall and early winter allows you time to reach out to and potentially interview several contractors who could implement the design. This will allow you piece of mind and a sense of assurance that the design will be installed in a timely fashion and to the specifications of the landscape design.

Wheel & Barrow Landscape Design & Maintenance is an award winning design firm that can assist you in planning and designing your gardens and landscape. To learn more about our landscape design process, click here. If you are interested in hearing what other have to say about our work you can click here. Contact us if you are interested in creating the landscape and gardens of your dreams.

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