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Seasonal Interest

Updated: Mar 28

Seasonal Interest is a landscape design element I deem essential to a dynamic garden and landscape. A well thought through planting in which seasonal interest is given consideration provides color, motion, texture and even wildlife for all four seasons.

Seasonal interest can most certainly be achieved with color. Perennials and even annuals are some of the first plants to come to mind when considering a color strategy. But color can also be achieved with trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and groundcovers.

A planting scheme I typically employ is thinking about scenes and groupings of plants rather then one off plants sprinkled throughout the landscape. When I speak of scenes what I am getting at is combinations or collections of complimentary plants. By doing this you create scenes that have a large visual impact on the gardens and landscape.

Continuing on the idea of scenes and visual impact - By creating and then repeating various scenes throughout the landscape, you create patterns. As the seasons change so does your landscape. The patterns made up of these various scenes create symetry and intrigue that evolves throughout the year.

Spring and summer are of course peak times for seasonal interest. There are numerous trees, shrubs and perennials that bloom between April and September. The trick is to keep things in the landscape interesting in fall and winter.

Ornamental Grass does a fantastic job of providing color, motion and texture from late summer into fall and even throughout winter. One grass that comes to mind is Karl Forester Feather Reed Grass. It will grow to be 5-6 in height and extends golden brown wheat like tassel that can look majestic in the autumn landscape.

In addition to ornamental grass, trees and shrubs with vibrant fall color can be used to brighten up a landscape that can otherwise begin to look a little dreary. Another element that shouldn’t be forgotten is berries. The color pop that berries can provide dusts the landscape with whites, reds, purples, blues and also invites birds into your landscape and gardens.

A well thought through landscape and garden design that considers seasonal interest and creates bold visual scenes will provide a dynamic, sophisticated and ever changing garden and landscape. And you’ll look forward to the ever-changing scene in your outdoor space.

Patrick Hughes is an award winning landscape designer based in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin and working throughout Sheboygan County. If you are looking for a New & Better Yard & Garden contact Patrick today! 920-912-8485.

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