What's Blooming?! Spring 2016

June 10, 2016



Spring is a magical time of year when the gardens come to life and gardeners are full of anticipation for the blooms that are to unfold. Below are some that I love and I think you will too! 


Tricyrtis ‘Empress’ Toad Lily


The toad lily is a great perennial for a shade garden because it is a late season bloomer. The gorgeous orchid-like flowers come in a variety of colors. I enjoyed the vibrant purple shown in the image above. Each flower unique with the irregular dark purple spotting. The flowers emerge from a straight stem about 2 feet tall. They prefer moist, slightly acidic soil. This charming plant is definitely a top contender in my favorites for the summer.


Crocosmia ‘George Davidson’ Yellow Montbretia


These bright yellow-orange flowers bloom from a tall singular stem. Blossoms open in mid to late summer. They prefer full sun to part shade and can grow to about 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. The clumps of slender foliage and yellow flowers are great for warm color garden schemes to strike an inviting feel. Another benefit to this plant is the attraction of hummingbirds. They will visit frequently once the flowers bloom.


Dicentra ‘King of Hearts’


This specific plant was a favorite not only because of the beautiful ‘heart-shaped’ flowers that bleeding hearts are known for, but also, ‘King of Hearts’ doesn’t go quickly dormant over the summer and even continues blooming from spring into summer. The vibrant pink-red heart flowers are shown in clusters about 8-12 inches above the contrasting parsley-like green foliage. It’s hard to not notice these beautiful plants in someones yard. They prefer moist, slightly acidic and well-drained soils. They grow to be about 1 foot high and almost 2 feet wide and are a great addition to a shade garden.


Delosperma cooperi, Ice Plant


So many beautiful vibrant colors on these flowers, contrasted by the bright green succulent looking foliage. It is a great plant for a tough hot and dry spot in your garden. Plants bloom throughout the growing season and spread slowly. This variety overwinters easily when planted in well-drained soil. Usually the flowers have white centers that expand into a rich purple color. ‘Fire Spinner’ is the new varitey shown above with orange and magenta petals. There is also another variety known as ‘Starburst’ with bright pink colors. They prefer full sun and grow to about 4 inches tall and a foot wide. Definitely an appealing addition to someone who loves strong colorful gardens.


Corydalis ‘Blue Heron’


The stunning elongated blue-flowers are what first attracted me to this plant. The red stems are enhanced by the backdrop of the blue-green foliage, similar in shape to the ‘King of Hearts’. This plant prefers shade and moist soil. It will bloom from spring into summer and is typically about 8 inches wide and almost a foot tall. These delightful trumpet-shaped flowers truly are one of a kind.


Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ Blanket Flower


This plant blooms fire-red and bright yellow flowers profusely from spring to fall. This long season of bloom is very valuable. Plants form a low mound of light-green leaves bearing upright stems of large daisy-type flowers. The petals are almost lacy in appearance and flare at the tips similar to a trumpet. Plants are attractive to visitors like butterflies and bees. They prefer full sun and can grow to about 1 foot tall and 2 feet wide. Another great candidate to a gardener who prefers more vibrant, colorful plants.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my favorite finds at Portland Nursery and got some new ideas for your garden. Enjoy the beautiful weather, Portland!




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